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2019.02.06 Workshop at Repair Acts, Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol (UK)
2018.11.28 Presentation at Interface Politics Conference, Barcelona (ES)
2018.09.28 What Remains RC1 ROM, first public release on itch.io!
2018.09.27 First Public Release at V2!!!, Rotterdam (NL)
2018.09.26 Short Presentation and teaser, The Hmm, Amsterdam (NL)
2018.09.05 Orders for the game cartridge are open!
2018.06.22 Playtest at Varia, Rotterdam (NL)
2018.05.25 Presentation at "Hate News, Manipulators, Trolls & Influencers", Disruption Network Lab, Berlin (DE)
2018.02.15 Presentation at the Hash Award ZKM, Karlsruhe (DE)
2017.12.28 Presentation of What Remains and more, Chaos Communication Congress, Leipzig (DE)
2017.12.01 Playtest at V2, Rotterdam (NL)
2017.11.03 Playtest at V2, Rotterdam (NL)
2017.10.06 Playtest at V2, Rotterdam (NL)
2017.09.08 Exhibition of demo at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (NL)
2017.05.10 Publication of "How to Escape Reality in 10 Simple Steps, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart (DE)
2017.03.01 Publication of "What Kind of Archivist Are You?", Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (NL)
2017.05.15 Sprint week!
2017.02.04 Presentation as part of panel "Prove You Are Nonhuman", Transmediale, Berlin (DE)
2016.10.04 Publication of "A Contemporary Delphic Oracle", Furtherfield, London (UK)
2016.04.13 Started work on the demo